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GTA 5 saves: how to transfer save progression to PS5 and Xbox Series X

GTA 5 save

Here’s how to move those GTA 5 saves to your next-gen console

Specific individuals playing similar GTA 5 saves put something aside for quite a long time. The title has sent off on its third era of control center after nearly ten years, having at first sent off on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013.

Its unending ubiquity has implied it’s one of the most evergreen in history. It stays an unquestionable requirement for players to pay the same amount today as it was at send-off.

Therefore, numerous gamers have game records and GTA Online profiles more seasoned than their youngsters, with long periods put into them. However, with the arrival of GTA 5 Extended and Improved, you want not stress – your headway with movement with you as you leap, meaning you can play your old and saves money on the PS5 and Xbox Series X!

That being said, there are a few provisos and intricacies to this interaction that you want to get your head around. First, a few recoveries are relatively easy to move between consoles. However, you could have inconvenience as a PC gamer hoping to stretch out to a cutting-edge console.

Try not to worry – we can direct you through everything. However, you want to be familiar with this, bringing your GTA 5 saves and profiles into the future.

Transferring your GTA 5 saves

Moving your save from the PS4 or Xbox One to the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S is easy. However, there are two or three bands you want to go through. Remember, you can move one save money on your Social Club account, so ensure you transfer the one you genuinely care about.

Transferring your GTA 5 saves

For one thing, you want to have a Rockstar Social Club account. Make a beeline for the engineer’s site and sign up. Whenever you’ve done that, you want to interface your PlayStation and Xbox accounts. That’s what to do. Go into your profile settings and select the Connected Records tab. Then, at that point, sign in to your records through there.

Consider bringing it to new-age consoles when you’re undeniably connected and load it into the savings. At the point when you’ve stacked into the reserve, go into Choices and make a beeline for the Game tab. The last choice you see will say Transfer Save Game. This will transfer the save to Rockstar servers, prepared for the cutting-edge move.

Since you have your savings transferred, now is the ideal time to get it onto your PS5 or Xbox Series X or S. When the game is introduced, go to the Story tab. You ought to see a choice to Resume Story. Select that, and you can download your save.

You can! If you have moved from the Xbox One to PS5 or PS4 to an Xbox Series console, sit back and relax – this cycle is accessible for you. It works precisely the same way, and because Rockstar facilitates the save, you can move your GTA 5 recoveries between console families.

If, for reasons unknown, you were contemplating whether. This stretched out to the PS3 or Xbox 360 recoveries; it, unfortunately, doesn’t. So if you’ve not contacted your game since that age of control center, you’re in terrible shape.

Unfortunately, the usefulness closes there. PC GTA 5 recoveries are not viable with console saves, so the interaction isn’t possible. Once more, you should begin assuming you were anticipating moving from your apparatus to your new control center.

Transfer GTA 5 Story Mode progress from PS4 or Xbox One

Right now, you can easily move your GTA 5 Story Mode progress from your existing PS4 or Xbox One to the Rockstar Games Social Club cloud servers. To upload a save game, simply access the pause menu, go to the Game tab, and then choose the Upload Save Game option. Once you’ve decided which save file to upload, accept the following option to begin the upload. Be careful to select the one that, based on its date and completion rate, you want to save the most.

Once you’ve got carried out that, a spinning white circle will appear inside the backside right corner of your display screen to reveal that the Rockstar Games Social Club cloud servers had been contacted. During this period, keep away from turning off your console or last the game because doing so might corrupt your information. You ought to most effectively must wait some while before receiving the message above confirming the transfer of GTA five Story Mode development turned into a hit, depending on your connection pace and the server’s modern-day load. You may have lots of time to complete the second degree due to the fact just the most recently saved file furnished could be maintained for ninety days. This element can be repeated as many as vital.

Transfer GTA 5 Story Mode progress to PS5 or Xbox Series X


You just need to start up GTA 5 Story Mode and select the Resume Story option under the Story tab to go to the Download Save Game Data screen in order to transfer your progress to your new PS5 or Xbox Series X edition of the game. You may only import this data to your new-gen version once before the choice is permanently deleted, so make sure you’re carrying over the correct save the file using the details given before you commit. This is known as a “one-time migration.” You won’t be able to begin playing GTA 5 Story Mode until this download is finished, and while it often completes quickly, you might need to wait a little bit if the servers are very busy at the time. The GTA 5 Story Mode won’t be available to you until this download is finished, and even though it usually goes quickly, you might have to wait a little while at launch if the servers are particularly busy.

The good news for trophy hunters is that transferring your GTA 5 Story Mode progress will unlock any Trophies or Achievements that you would have earned by reaching that point. The same is true once you use the other process to transfer GTA Online to migrate your character; if you’re wondering, “Can you play GTA Online on PS5 with PS4 players?,” we’ve got answers for that as well. After making the appropriate transfers, if you already have the Platinum on the PS4 or 1000G on the Xbox One, you can sit back and watch all those virtual awards reappear without having to do anything.

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