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How Students Can Get a Study in Canada Visa?

How Students Can Get Study in Canada Visa?

Easy Steps to Get a Canada Student Visa

Get your student visa for Canada with step-by-step instructions on the application procedure, required paperwork, processing time, study and work permits, and more. Apply today with experts for Canada student permit visa from India.

Study in Canada

Many students’ dream is to attend university in Canada because of the quality of its educational offerings. Receiving an admission offer from a Canadian university is the first step in the application process for a student visa; you’ll need both a study permit to attend a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada and a student visa to reside there.

How to Get Easy Steps to Get a Canada Student Visa?

There are many benefits to studying in Canada if you’re an Indian student. If you are eligible for the Student Direct Stream and applying for a study permit or temporary resident visa, you do not need to submit your biometrics with your visa application.

Study Permit Application Process

The study permit application process is simplified with the Student Direct Stream, or SDS, which ensures processing times of about 20 days. Strong English or French language speakers who want to enroll in a programme at a DLI are the target audience for SDS.

Eligible for the SDS

For you to be eligible for the SDS, you must fulfill the following criteria, according to the website of the Government of Canada:

You will require an admissions letter from a DLI. You must demonstrate that you have the necessary proficiency in either French or English. You’ll need to show that you have enough money to pay for your entire education and living costs while you’re in Canada. The outcomes of your medical examination must be provided. If you adhere to the instructions, getting a student visa to study in Canada is a straightforward process.

Get your Documents Ready

You must submit the following information when requesting a study permit:

  • A duplicate of your DLI acceptance letter
  • A copy of your medical examination confirmation letter
  • A copy of your $10,000 Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC).
  • Evidence of paying tuition fees for at least the first year
  • Proof of passing a language test with a minimum score of 6 for English (International English Language Testing System) or 7 for French (Canadian Levels of Language Proficiency Test, Test of Evaluation of French).

You can apply online or on paper once your documents are prepared. The cost of a visa application is 150 CAD.

Check Your Eligibility Canada Student Visa

To apply for a study permit, you should:

  • Enroll in a DLI programme.
  • Have enough money to pay for your programme at the DLI, tuition, living expenses, and a return trip to your home country.
  • Not pose a threat to Canada’s security or have a criminal record.
  • Perform a medical examination to demonstrate your overall health.
  • Persuade the immigration official that after finishing your course of study in Canada, you’ll go back to your home country.

You may also submit a letter of justification to support your visa application in addition to these supporting documents. Your career goals, the rationale behind your programme choice, your level of preparedness for the programme, and your decision to pursue the programme in Canada should all be covered in this letter.

Two Options to Apply, Apply Online

You must register on the Government of Canada website in order to submit an application online. Along with a credit card to cover the application fee, you also need electronic copies of all your supporting documentation.

If you choose to apply for your visa online, you must follow these steps:

  • You must first create an account. You can use this account to prepare your application, submit it online with the help of study in Canada consultants, and later track the progress of your visa request.
  • You will receive an email with details about your login and password after providing information about your background and the programme you have been accepted into.
  • You can upload each of the listed documents once you log in to your account using the information from the email.
  • You can submit your documents for uploading and then pay your CAD150 (roughly Rs 7,800) visa fee.
  • After that, you can submit and monitor your visa application.

Apply On Paper

If you choose to submit a paper application, you should read the user manual posted on the website of the Canadian government. When your visa application is prepared, you can submit it to a center that processes visa applications in your neighborhood. Your application will be returned to you if it is incomplete and will not be processed.

To apply on paper, you will have to follow these steps:

Prepare your documents. Certified copies of each document are required. You’ll also need to translate any if necessary. Your paperwork must be in either English or French. Once the documents have been translated, you will require an affidavit from the translator. Additionally, a certified copy of the original will need to be provided.

  • All of the application forms must be completed.
  • You must pay the application fee and the biometrics fee after gathering your documentation and completing your application.
  • You must prepare your biometrics after paying the required fee.
  • Now you can send in your application.

Wait For Your Visa Application to Be Processed

The length of time it takes to process a visa application can change depending on a number of variables, according to the website of the Canadian government. The COVID-19 pandemic is currently causing processing times to possibly be slower than usual. On their website, you can check for updates regarding the processing time for your student visa.

Get Your GIC

One of the documents you’ll need to provide to obtain your study permit is the GIC, or Guaranteed Investment Certificate. Your $10,000 GIC is available from a financial institution that is a participant.

You can open a GIC account with either of the two participating Canadian financial institutions in India, Scotiabank and ICICI Bank Canada, at the moment. You will receive interest at a fixed rate for a full year. Having access to these funds may make paying for your coursework easier. You will receive your initial investment back along with the interest after a year.

You will also require enough money to pay for your expenses while studying in Canada in addition to the GIC.

Medical Examination

The Canadian government requires that you get a health checkup before you apply for a student visa. One of the medical professionals listed on their website will have to perform your test. About a month after you submit your application, this typically occurs. However, you do have the choice to undergo the medical examination before submitting your application for a student visa.

While going for your medical examination, carry the following:

  • A valid form of identification, such as a passport, license, or national identity card.
  • If you wear contacts or glasses, they should be visible.
  • Test outcomes or medical histories of past or current conditions.
  • The IMM 1017e medical report form, was delivered by the visa office.
  • Your test results will be sent directly to the embassy after the doctor finishes it.
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