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Top tips for Gaming on the laptop

Nifty tricks to make sure your notebook gaming experience is a good one Gaming on the laptop is never going to be great. Essentially not...

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Chromebooks vs. Laptops: which is best for students?

Each new school year carries guardians and more established understudies to the important choice of buying a Chromebook or a more...

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Adobe Photoshop updates on the iPad lay down a promising future

At Adobe’s Maximum occasion, it was declared that Photoshop on iPad is, at last, acquiring the capacity to eliminate the foundation...

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Acer’s new flagship laptop could be the best MacBook Pro alternative yet.

Acer has disclosed its most recent leading laptop, the Quick Edge, which rivals the LG Gram 16 in a speciality class characterized as an...

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Alienware m15 R7 Review: Solid Gaming, Leading Endurance

If you’re in the market for one of the great gaming laptops that offers a powerful CPU and a robust GPU, there are lots of superb...

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Hands-on: Microsoft Surface Pro 9 review

Two options and a tough choice Microsoft refined the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Master plan, making consistent but fulfilling changes....

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Top tips for extending the battery life of your laptop

Handy laptop battery life tips Current PCs are more impressive than at any other time, and on account of progressions in versatile...

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The Best CPU for Gaming in 2022

Here is the best CPU for Gaming. Our picks underneath will show you the best computer chip for Gaming. While looking for the best computer...

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Best Gaming Monitors 2022: Budget, Curved, G-Sync, and More

Best Gaming Monitors

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