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iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro: Apple seeks to out-Pro itself


In this article, we compare two phones, the iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro, which will help you decide which one to buy.

The iPhone 13 pro became one of the brilliant telephones accessible available not long ago. However, it’s been supplanted with a guide by the iPhone 14 pro. Exactly the way that loads of a redesign is it a good idea for it to presumably be?

We stayed at the location of Apple’s Far Out iPhone 14 send-off and were given palms on with the new devices in general. So you can concentrate on our full iPhone 14 pro-arms-on assessment and our investigation of the more excellent iPhone 14 pro-Max.

Here’s the beginning and end we perceive around the iPhone 14 pro and how every new particular connects with Apple’s resigning big cheese.

iPhone 13 pro vs iPhone 14 pro cost and accessibility

The iPhone 13 pro showed up on September 24, 2021. The section level 128GB form costs $999/£949/AU$1,699, while the 256GB model charges $1,099/£1,049/AU$1,869, and the 512GB model costs $1,299/£1,249/AU$2,219. There’s likewise a 1TB model this time around, which costs $1,499/£1,449/AU$2,569.

Apple’s iPhone 14 pro-follow-up was declared on September 7, 2022, and the new telephone will hit shops on September sixteen. Shockingly, the US value for the iPhone 14 pro remains unaltered from the iPhone 13 pro; however various regions will see a little increment.

The entrance stage 128GB model will charge $999/£1,099/AU$1,749, with the indistinguishable expansion in expenses the entirety of the way up to the powerful 1TB model, to esteem $1,599/£1,749/AU$2,769 for the honour. You can fault the more grounded US greenback for the new expense errors.

iPhone 13 pros vs iPhone 14 pro design

The iPhone 14 pro

The iPhone 13 pro, to a great extent, adheres to the format spread out through the iPhone 12 pro, with level glass surfaces and a level hardened steel edge. The preeminent differentiation here becomes a well-padded new camera module.

As a rule, the new iPhone 14 pro appears to be indistinguishable, and you’d need to be a cell phone pro to recognize the distinctions. The most boundless differentiation is the shortage of a temple score. The new iPhone 14 pro styles utilize a pill-framed pattern, and Apple isn’t continuously shying distant from the utilization of the so-alluded Powerful Island as a vital and significant piece of its new connection point plan. Clients who have a Powerful Island cell phone can have the option to flaunt the varieties with style.

The iPhone 13 pro comes in Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Sierra Blue through the examination method. For conceal options at the more up-to-date cellphone, we get a comparable record of varieties for the send-off; however, cover choices can constantly be conveyed later in the cell phone’s lifecycle.

Rather than graphite dim, we get a more obscure evening time dark. Unfortunately, there isn’t any other blue option. As a substitute, Apple has picked a profound purple that looks pretty blustery, particularly contrasted with a lighter red provided on the Apple iPhone 14.

iPhone 13 pro vs iPhone 14 pro presentation

The iPhone 13 pro accompanies a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED show, which capacities an 1170 x 2532 goal. It furthermore saw the cellphone introduction of Apple’s 120Hz pro Movement invigorate rate popular.

The iPhone 14 pro sticks to practically the equivalent specs, a couple of pixels bigger at an 1179 x 2556 goal. It gets the relative 120Hz pro Movement usefulness, yet Apple wrenches the splendour considerably. The iPhone 14 pro can obtain 1600 nits brilliance, which Macintosh says is like its Studio XDR PC show. In splendid sunlight, the iPhone 14 pro can wrench the presentation screen as far as possible, as much as 2000 nits.

Apple has advanced the LTPO age, allowing a variable to revive cost. For example, the iPhone 13 pro show screen can drop to 10Hz, which is significant, while the iPhone 14 pro can drop to 1Hz.

This implies that Apple gives a consistently in-plain view on the iPhone 14 pro without depleting an excess battery presence. It would moreover embrace that the iPhone 13 Pro will not be retrofitted with the equivalent trademark.

iPhone 13 pro vs iPhone 14 pro cameras

The iPhone 14 cameras

The iPhone 13 pro digicam machine incorporates three 12MP sensors. In addition, the essential colossal sensor flaunts a more significant size and sensor-shift optical picture adjustment gadget, making it the low gentle and video ruler.

Apple has taken a huge get out ahead with the guideline camera sensor on the iPhone 14 pro, knocking it up to 48MP with much bigger sensor pixels. The computerized camera will ordinarily deliver pictures of a similar 12MP choice, way to a quad-pixel game plan. Yet, pro owners can have the option to utilize a ProRAW shooting mode to yield a total 48MP picture. Sadly 8k Video transformed into not piece of the blend for the new iPhone 14 pro digicam.

The second and 1/3 camera on the iPhone 14 pro, for incredibly gigantic points and gentle fax zoom, procured just minimal updates regardless utilize best a 12MP sensor.

The selfie digicam was given an extraordinary expansion at the iPhone 14 pro. The new camera acquires self-adjust capacities and a much more extensive f/1.9 gap, which should deliver a more detailed profundity of field influence and ventured forward Publicity calls.

iPhone 13 pro vs iPhone 14 pro specs and execution

The new Apple iPhone 14 pro is the essential phone to send off with the A16 Bionic chip, making it the fastest phone. On the other hand, the iPhone 13 pro has stayed pretty much the quickest phone accessible with its fast A15 Bionic chip, which Apple, fortunately, reminds us, as the base adaptation iPhone 14, will utilize a similar chip.

Another improvement could incorporate the iPhone 14 pro memory. While it utilizes 6GB of Slam, likewise with the iPhone 13 pro, a few sources guarantee that Apple is moving from LPDDR4X Smash to the speedier LPDDR5 well-known for the new pro. However, the apple never again broadcasts its Slam specs, so we can also require assertion certainly.

One thing that tragically remained unequivocally the equivalent is the carport choices for the fresh out of the plastic new pro. Similarly, as with the iPhone 13 pro, you start with a miserable 128GB, and you can move up to 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB capacity.

battery duration

As per our assessment, the iPhone 13 pro increased its battery potential to a few,095mAh, resulting in a “strikingly better battery presence” than the first pro rendition.

We’re confident that the iPhone 14 pro can notice match, and Apple claims it ought to have higher battery duration than the previous age. However, Apple never again presents its battery specs, so we can need to look for affirmation, no doubt.

There were no considerable improvements to the charging situation. Regardless, it would be best if you jumped on a better 25W charger than get even the top-notch charging speeds Apple gives, which will not be seriously quick. Apple, moreover, stayed with lightning for another year, with no expectation for USB-C on an iPhone any time rapidly.


While the iPhone 14 can likewise appear on the floor as a steady supplant, the redesigns are significant and may be welcome exceptionally among firm clients. In addition, the massive expansion in megapixels will assuage prepared photographic artists, particularly with the ProRAW picture design bestowing unlimited admission to all that picture data.

A splendid and successful screen is usually a welcome lift, and iPhone fans can brag roughly having the most brilliant screen on any phone. We moreover like because of the reality of low-power show screen revive for a continually in plain view, an element the iPhone has been missing.

Whether the new iPhone 14 pro merits an overhaul if you’re now donning Apple’s most remarkable and pleasant is another inquiry we’ll have to answer with a complete evaluation. But, up to that point, we are pleased Apple has given adequate improvement to acquire the “pro” in iPhone 14 pro.

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