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iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11: how do the specs compare?

In this article, we compare two phones, the iPhone 14 and vs iPhone 11, which will help you decide which one to buy.

Apple has, in the end, taken the wraps off the iPhone 14 – and a terrible piece of iPhone 11 owners may be paying respect.

Does the transcendent iPhone triumph over every one of the stores of being a valuable get to a higher level? Right now, we need to be equipped with our all-out structure. However, we certainly have the whole of the estimations and figures to help you with searching for after a choice on that iPhone 14 pre-demand.

We should hunt down how the phones take a gander inside the areas close by cost, plan, normal execution, camera, and battery length.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11 cost and availability

The iPhone 14 will show up on September 16. Charges start from $799/£849/AU$1,399 for 128GB of gathering, while 256GB will set you to decline back $899/£959/AU$1,579. The zenith 512GB assortment will rate $1,099/£1,179/AU$1,899.

Those inside the UK and Australia may what’s more word than they are paying over the explanations for the most recent iPhone, stood separated from its US studying – yet Apple isn’t by. So significant the fundamental endeavor this is climbed charges in various key business try locale other than the States this year (taking a gander at you Samsung Construction Z Wrinkle 4 and Z Flip four).

In the non-required corner, we have the iPhone 11, which appeared in stores three years past, on September 20, 2019.

The studying round started at $499/£489/AU$849 for 64GB of inside social events, moving as a phenomenal course of action as $549/£539/AU$929 for 128GB and $749/£749/AU$1,249 for 256GB.

This is as suitably an event as any of how charges for lead telephones have risen in really present-day years. Of course, apple no longer gives the iPhone 11 as new, but you would be prepared to source a sealed new unit from a tough 1/3-birthday joy store for incredible right now, not the very ozone transport off costs.

In articulation, the iPhone 11 is a more critical, less over-the-top telephone than the iPhone 14. So does the iPhone 14 legitimize the additional utilization?

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11 association

The iPhone 14 sticks to Apple’s new connection considering, which nowadays insists on approaching the iPhone 12 years sooner. This assesses the iPhone 11 as an interesting one.

While the iPhone 11 owes a ton to the iPhone 6 improvement, with transformed edges and a show that melts away into the packaging, the iPhone 14 is all level surfaces and genuine center interests. This makes the iPhone 11 more appealing inside the hand yet less essential to the eyes.

The iPhone 11 is an extra isolated phone all over at 100 fifty. 9x 75. 7 x 8.3mm, while the iPhone 14 measures 146.7 x 71. Five x 7.8mm. The more vital facilitated interpretation is heavier, also, at 194g near the iPhone 14’s 172g.

The two telephones are to be in a light pink collection choice, which may be a thoroughly exciting one. One more is that each comprehension of the undefined mind-blowing Apple show rating – regardless of how the iPhone 14’s unit is strikingly extra hidden, and its show is wrapped through a different unpretentious bezel.

Besides those shallow divisions, each telephone obliges aluminum frames, twofold glass surfaces, a tremendous apex cost ability, and IP68 water and soil resistance assessments.

In verbalizations of strain, the iPhone 14 has the edge with its use of Apple’s Creative Shield show to cover, which uncovers cycle four occasions harder than the iPhone 11’s stylish Gorilla Glass.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11 display

Both seal name 6.1-inch shows, yet the iPhone 14 triumphs in different vital respects. Taking into account the aggregate, it is an OLED board, giving far extra excited tones and incredible estimated blacks than the iPhone 11 IPS LCD.

To guarantee, even at the hour of our iPhone 11 review, we had been howling over Apple’s use of the more settled show screen jazzy here. Other than seeing its overall loss of sharpness.

The iPhone 14 show is undeniably more sharpened than the iPhone 11, with its 1170 x 2532 choice investigating astonishing to the iPhone 11 828 x 1792 unclear. It gets more flawless, as well.

The two shows fortify on the exact 60Hz cost. However, that could be a beautiful depiction of the move past. The iPhone 14 shows the screen is higher wandered from its dimmer, more idiotic extra coordinated family.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 11 digicam

While each handset offers twofold 12-megapixel digicam structures, the iPhone 14 is in every other connection. So Mac has taken the iPhone 13 pro tremendous mechanized camera sensor and fit it into the iPhone 14.

Its huge sensor is more fundamental, and the utilization of stores is more noticeable at 1.9µm pixels (as opposed to 1.4 µm inside the iPhone 11). It except for payments through a more f/1.5 beginning (as opposed to f/1.8 in the iPhone 11).

The possible result is an iPhone 14 mechanized digicam that would make heads or tails of all the sharp pix and ingest considerably more delicate than its extra settled circle of relatives, reviving low light through and gigantic. This is verified as an approved certification by the Federal Communications Commission (which has an upscale swamp OIS). The last yearning as of now facilitates Apple’s new Photonic Engine, which applies Basic Mix without skipping a beat in the structure, for an additional 2x move up to low-delicate utilizing and massive execution across all cameras.

Another splendid make of the iPhone 14 is its prominent stage, the front mechanized progressed camera. Undoubtedly, each selfie cams are 12-megapixel contraption, yet the iPhone 14 packs generally more important f/1.Nine openings (the iPhone 11 is most clear f/2.2), and the extra present-day mobile phone other than goes with self-exchange. The result: for the most part, comprehensive low-delicate certificate and have out and out-snap possibilities.

 subtleties and the run-of-the-mill execution

The capability between these phones in execution phrases is night and day. While Apple probably won’t have equipped the iPhone 14 with its truly eminent flexible chip, it, in any event, spikes famous for the climax A15 Bionic chip of closing year’s iPhone 13 Virtuoso.

This spots it ages before the iPhone 11 and its A13 Bionic unit. The chip in the actual state-of-the-art device is worked to a more noticeable humble 5nm stylish (vs 7nm) and is by and large speedier and further fresh.

The capacity to focus on force is evident in our Geekbench five multi-focus benchmark tests, with the iPhone 13 pro scoring 4688 over the iPhone 11’s 3186.

As shown by spec spills (Apple doesn’t make foundation how a meaningful connection memory its telephones logo name), the iPhone 14 gives a piece of extra Crush than its more settled own friends and family. So we’re taking a gander at 6GB in the tendency to the iPhone 11 4GB.

The later cellphone goes further with state-of-the-art amassing decisions, starting at 128GB and moving as much as 256GB and 512GB. The iPhone 11’s giving beginning factors generally offer 64GB, then augmentations to 128GB and 256GB.

To arrange it plainly, the iPhone 14 will finish better show up diversely according to the iPhone 11 all around.


Apple isn’t, for the most part, one for spreading the limitations of its battery, but we have heard nark that the iPhone 14 shows up with a three,279mAh versatile. Likewise, it’s a reality that the iPhone 11 segments a three,110mAh universal.

There isn’t all that a ton there of the psyche of considerations as far as possible, then. While the iPhone 14 has a barely more conspicuous game plan of cells, it, in this way, runs an extra sharpened (and hence verifiably disturbing) show. The brisker cell cellphone is restricted through an additionally capable processor.

In our checking out, the iPhone 11 for specific crossed a break day and an available rate. However, it remains clear that if the iPhone 14 can hold as charmingly yet mounted on our appreciate with the same gear as the iPhone 13, it’ll outmanoeuvre its herald.

Our examiner conveyed that the iPhone 13’s battery presence changed into “staggeringly pervasive when isolated from the iPhone 12 and what has gone sooner than it”, which can combine with the iPhone 11. But, of course, the iPhone 14 has a near processor and a somewhat more battery, so we could be vague.


The iPhone 14 isn’t ceaselessly glancing through, much like the acceptable stimulating telephone improvement from Apple, yet that is regarded anyway concerning the iPhone 13. Balance it with the tasks more significantly settled iPhone 11, and the iPhone 14 gives a goliath get out ahead.

Its hotshot is more critically sharpened and more immense, extraordinarily extraordinary, its camera is far beyond developed, and all that idea about execution is a deal for regarded higher. The strategy assortments, in the meantime, will come directly down to individual tendency; yet undoubtedly, the iPhone 14 is the better-planned all-over establishment.

Simply directing up trouble is costly. Whenever you purchase a brand-new iPhone 11 in a birthday celebration sale, the price will differ slightly – this is true for people in other countries who are familiar with Apple’s high costs.

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