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AGM H5 PRO review


The AGM H5 pro is another course of action that gets predominantly from the Importance, explicitly the Prominence pro structure, to convey something with an impalpably original flavour in any case in typical bundling.

Where the Importance series has a more significant proportion of a state-of-the-art use profile, the H5 pro has even more way-of-life satisfying parts like a waterproof speaker and an empowered Drove light ring.

Gaining new occasion experiences has never been all the more apparent with this free pro endeavour finances stunt.

It’s guaranteed with IP68, IP69K, and MIL-truly sent contamination 810H principles, allowing it to overcome a drop of 1.5m onto a hard surface and 1.5m brought for up to 30 minutes. This recognizes that the universal fittings covering the USB port are ready.

The centre SoC is an Helio G85 waving an octa-centre chipset with 8GB Smash and 128GB putting away, and you can foster breaking point utilizing a MicroSD card in the SIM plate.

That is solid areas for a, and when gotten along with the 7000mAh battery, it will work for as long as 400 hours on saving, yield 150 hours of consistent music and 32 hours of video.

The indeed back camera utilizes the brain-blowing 48MP Samsung S5KGM2SP sensor with f1.79 optics, and close by are a colossal extension sensor and night vision. Finally, Forward-looking gets uses the reliable 20MP Sony IMX376 sensor.

The H5 pro, like other high-end Chinese phones, boasts incredible details and is an excellent value at $320.

This beast phone with a 6.5-inch screen won’t fit in a thick pocket, and the two SIMs offer 4G LTE, not 5G.

It could not be enjoyable if someone you know has this phone and you can handle their melodic tendencies at 109 dB.

Regard score: 4/5


The AGM H5 pro that was shipped off to us for survey went with the going with equipment:

PC processor: MediaTek Helio G85

GPU: Mali-G52 MC2

Hammer: 8GB LPDDR4X

Limit: 128GB (microSD memory card Up to 1TB)

Screen: 6.517 ” IPS TFT

Objective: 1600 x 720 FHD+

SIM: Twofold Nano SIM (or single Nano and MicroSD)

Weight: 360g

Points of view: 176.15 x 85.5 x 23mm

Outrageous Spec: IP68, IP69K

Back cameras: Samsung S5KGM2SP 48MP, Gcoreinc GC02M2 2MP Full-scale camera, Sony IMX350 20MP Night camera.

Front camera: 20 MP Sony IMX376 Sensor

Working structure: Android 12

Battery: 7000mAh

AGM H5 Pro Pirce and availability

  • What sum does it cost? $320/£400/€400 notwithstanding conveyance
  • When is it out? It is open as of now
  • Where might you anytime at any point get it? You can get it in the US, UK, and across Europe, among others
agm h5 pro
agm h5 pro review | techtuffy

It is possible to buy the H5 Pro clearly from AGM for $320, notwithstanding conveyance to your area. This is an overall variation of the phone, and the gatherings it maintains are sensible for most clients in the USA and the majority of organizations in Europe.

For an extra $50, AGM makes a plastic dock that enables the H5 Pro to be recharged without getting to the USB-C port through pogo pins, making it a worthwhile endeavour.

AGM H5 PRO Software

A phenomenally thick phone

Waterproof speaker

Not an ideal camera position

The H5 pro looks to reuse elements of the Significance pro concept, and the plan’s course needs to be clarified.

The H5 pro is large when removed from its beige box. This is because the 6.517-inch IPS TFT screen and AGM’s many advances require this size.

New phones have a left client-customizable button, a right power button, and a volume rocker.

AGM replaced the power button’s finger impression peruser with a back mix. It welcomes the unfortunate.

The mimicked carbon fiber back makes this 360g group easier to handle with damp palms.

AGM placed a prominent waterproof speaker where most phones have their back camera pack, making it less apparent.

The camera sensor speaker produces 109dB.

First, it pushes the three camera sensors, Drove flash, and IR light to the phone’s edges. Fingers can cover them and ruin your photos.

The phone couldn’t lay flat due to the speaker’s projection, yet remote charging was rare. However, AGM engineers may charge the H5 pro’s lower back using pogo pins without removing the waterproofing plug from the USB-C socket.

The long SIM plate can hold a Nano, MicroSD, or two Nano SIMs under a flexible fitting.

This setup has to be hit, wet, and used as many creations and work.

Our research shows MediaTek silicon can be adjusted for L1 mode, but Chinese phone manufacturers don’t care.

Last and maybe most polarising is the phone’s speaker.

AGM says it’s louder than a motorcycle’s 95dB. So this talent could blast music for a surprise beach party. However, it may annoy neighbors. If so, enjoy 109dB while you can because 120dB can permanently damage your hearing.

  • Software score: 4/5

H5 PRO Hardware

In the past, phone designers used screens with aims that matched video and picture standards in other parts of our world.

The H5 Virtuoso’s 1600 x 720 IPS board, called FHD+ by AGM, starts at 1920 x 1080. According to most sources, FHD+ is 2220 x 1080, or twice as many pixels as this screen.

It’s disappointing that the screen doesn’t appear at these essential guidelines, but as we’ll see, having a dominating one wouldn’t assist.

This screen has 500 nits of brightness. However, despite these quality levels, it can be challenging to see clearly in bright sunlight due to its highly reflective glass surface.

SoC decides where this plan compromises. The Helio G85 and Mali-G52 MC2 chips may be MediaTek’s greatest. A startling eight-immensely significant point of convergence with two ARM Cortex-A75 2GHz people groups for execution tries and six more modest ARM Cortex-A55 1.8 GHz for effectiveness.

It includes 8GB of DDR4 memory and 128GB of storage, which is enough for most users who aren’t shooting massive amounts of video or storing lots of data.

You can add the different cutoff using a MicroSD card if you only use one Nano SIM slot.

The GPU has gaming potential, and the H5 pro has a lot of force and space to remember for many situations.

It’s slower than phones with the Helio G95 SoC, like the DOOGEE S96GT, but it’s the manager of all Helio plans.

Like all the AGM phones we’ve tried lately and Chinese phones, there is no support for WideVine L1, only L3. Therefore the best any major electronic company (Netflix, Amazon, Disney, etc.) offers is 480p on this device.


48MP major and 20MP front

Samsung sensor conveys marvelous gets

Full-scale and Nightvision sensors

48MP Samsung S5KGM2SP huge sensor

20MP Sony IMX376 forward-looking sensor

2MP Gcoreinc GC02M2 2MP Full-scale camera

20MP Sony IMX350 IR Night Camera

Another strong point, on paper, is the four cameras, with three on the back and one on the front.

It was typical for phone makers to use only sensors from an excellent source, yet the H5 pro is indisputable of a mix-and-match approach. The fundamental level back camera uses the charging Samsung S5KGM2SP 48MP sensor, and nearby that is a 2MP Gcoreinc GC02M2 for monster degree work and focus changed pictures, and the third back sensor is a 20MP Sony IMX350 in IR night-vision mode.

The Samsung S5KGM2SP is unquestionably the star, conveying incredibly new and especially drenched pictures. Using the Gcoreinc GC02M2 transferred a few appealing images, but the central control features need work to achieve the best results significantly more reliably. Nevertheless, night vision is excellent for exceptional individuals around in shadowiness using their phones to organize their way.

The essentially pressing concerns with the back cameras are the unique side position we’ve implied and how this can end up with unwanted fingers in the shot.

These ergonomics aren’t an issue for the front camera that uses a 20MP Sony IMX376 Sensor, excellent quality for what will generally be used for selfies and face-timing.

Where these cameras insignificantly come up short is that the most senseless video objective they offer is 1080p. At the same time, the Samsung S5KGM2SP is typical for more than 4K, 240fps at 1080p, and getting Brutal pictures. Unfortunately, the photo application on this phone offers none of those features, wretchedly.

Given the screen objective, you can only play back 720p if you scale the catch. Regardless, it would be wonderful to get in 4K and download that video to be shown elsewhere. However, this is a different objective restriction on this phone.

H5 pro Execution

Uses the MediaTek Helio G85 SoC

Outstanding, yet not a gaming phone

The consequences of the H5 Expert are unequivocally not an enormous treat since we tried the Assistance 14 Ace, a phone that uses a comparable Helio G85 SoC, and the capacity between these two machines is assessed in pieces of a rate.

This stuff is less power than you would see from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 or the Helio G95 phone, yet it is better contrasted with Helio G35 used in the base AGM H5 pro model.

The lift from the H5 to the H5 pro is hair-raising, with this stage conveying twofold the scores across most tests adjacent to HWBot Prime, where it’s simply vaguely better.

We’ve implanted the lack of WideVine L1 support, but the Mali-G52 MC2 GPU isn’t at the undeniable level and could be better for gaming. While it can change well to the main title, like Treats Squash, it doesn’t have the 3D conveying execution for labels that use VR or FPS showing up.

Execution score: 4/5


The 7000mAh battery is a respectable extent of force, yet there are plans around 10000mAh or even a 12000mAh of limit.

The focal worry with these qualities is that expecting that you purchase the H5 pro for an excursion into nature, where you will not get a re-energize, might you sooner or later need to blow what battery traverse you have, destroy the inherent quietness or try to move video with fundamentally no adaptable help?

What 7000mAh addresses is something like two, while maybe not more, working days without requiring a re-energize, subject to how you decide to utilize it.

The shortage of remote charging is genuinely changed by the wire of Pogo pins that award the charging fields to re-energize the telephone without upsetting any of the adaptable waterproofing seals.

Our chief uncertainty about the charging docks is that they essentially work at a requirement of 10w. Still, expecting that you plug in a reasonably strong charger straightforwardly to the telephone, 15w can stream. Accordingly, hoping you want the H5 pro to charge quickly, use the dock sparingly.

Battery score: 4/5


This is the way the AGM H5 pro acted in our set-up of benchmark tests:

Geekbench: 344 (single-center); 1299 (multi-center); 1185(OpenCL)

PCMark (Work 3.0): 8940

Passmark: 6578

Passmark microprocessor: 3288

3DMark Slingshot: 1839 (OGL)

3DMark Slingshot Silly: 1434 (OGL); 1449 (Vulkan)

3DMark Normal life: 738

HWBot Prime: 4945

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