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IPhone 14 vs iPhone 12: Has Apple undermined itself?


In this article, we compare two phones, the iphone 14 vs iPhone 12, which will help you decide which one to buy.

iphone 14 | Tech Teuffy

Apple has presented the iPhone 14, and we will almost guarantee that it’ll be the most famous cell phone of the accompanying 300 and 65 days.

In any case, how can it assess the iPhone 12? That could seem like a phenomenal evaluation; however, with Apple keeping up with the more seasoned cell phone every other year, it can be the strong cost elective that this destitute worldwide requirement.

So how do the two phones look at the spec for spec? Has Apple figured out how to improve its cell phone framework adequately north of two years to warrant paying heaps of greenbacks or kilos extra?

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 12 cost and accessibility

The iPhone 14 hits shops on September 16. Costs start from $799/£849/AU$1,399 for 128GB of stockpiling, while 256GB will set you to lower back $899/£959/AU$1,579, and 512GB will cost $1,099/£1,179/AU$1,899.

US charges have held from the iPhone 13, yet the remainder of the area has taken somewhat of a triumph to expansion and fluctuating monetary forms.

The iPhone 12 arrived on October 23, 2020. Costs started from $799/£799/AU$1,349 for the passage degree 64GB model, moving as much as $849/£849/AU$1,429 for 128GB and $949/£949/AU$1,599 for 256GB.

iPhone 12 | Tech Tuffy

Strangely, the iPhone 12 remaining parts are provided as new promptly through Apple, even after the iPhone 14 send-off. Costs currently start from $599/£649/AU$1,049 for the entrance stage 64GB adaptation, moving up to $649/£699/AU$1,129 for 128GB and $749/£809/AU$1,299 for 256GB.

If you are now persuaded that the iPhone 14 territory is the way to go, try out our top-notch iPhone 14 proposals to seize yourself a relevant deal.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 12 design

The iPhone 14 follows the design equation set out by the iPhone 12 years past. The two phones have a level glass front and back and a futile level legitimate calculated aluminium outline.

Given their standard format, it shouldn’t come as a wonder to consider that those two telephones have comparative aspects. The iPhone 12 measures 146.7 x seventy-one. Five x 7.4mm, while the iPhone 14 is somewhat thicker at 146.7 x seventy one.5 x 7.8mm.

The more modern telephone is similarly heavier at 172g, in contrast with the 164g iPhone 12. Nevertheless, they’re both premium products, with IP68 water and residue obstruction scores and top-notch hard ceramic glass screen covers.

Apple’s indent has ended up a remarkable one-of-a-kind imprint at this element, and the two phones have one. Notwithstanding, the iPhone 14’s score is 20% more modest than the iPhone 12’s.

Regarding conceal choices, the iPhone 14 returns pink to the assortment. It is furthermore accessible in blue, midnight, Starlight, and red. It’s very much like introducing the iPhone 12, even though that introduced an unpracticed other option.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 12 showcase

You’re probably picking up on the reality that these phones look enormously similar through this variable. That stretches out to a near-on indistinguishable show being utilized in each: a 6.1-inch OLED with an 1170 x 2532 goal.

Both maximize at 60Hz, so you don’t get the velvety clean ‘Advancement’ invigorate cost of the ongoing pro models. Yet, no doubt about it, these are solid screens.

There is one remarkable way wherein the iPhone 14 show beats the iPhone 12. It gets a fair piece more splendid in direct light, with an 800 nits high splendour mode assessing well with the iPhone 12’s 625 nits equivalent.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 12 digicam

The iPhone 14 and the iPhone 12 game double 12MP camera structures, yet the iPhone 14 setup destroys its more established sibling in each regard.

The iPhone 12 digicam became ostensibly where the organization took its foot off the gas, with unique interest paid to its many new plans. The digicam equipment transformed into a lot of like the iPhone 11 sooner than it, following in durable however not considerations blowing results.

The equivalent can be expressed in something other than the iPhone 14. Apple has taken the more excellent, better central sensor from the iPhone 13 pro and opened it into the more noteworthy low-evaluated iPhone 14.

 1.9m pixels compared to 1.4m, a wider gap (f/1.5 compared to f/1.6), and improved sensor-shift OIS (optical photograph adjustment). Include Apple’s new Photonic Motor, which applies Profound Combination ahead of time in an imaging procedure, and you have an iPhone 14 that can take some distance-preferred photos over the iPhone 12 in mid to low-light circumstances. Of course, we’ll have to check; indeed, we anticipate a colossal contrast.

Apple has further developed the iPhone 14’s front camera, adding self-adjusting and a much more extensive f/1.Nine openings (rather than the f/2.2 of the iPhone 12). According to Apple, this technology represents considerable authority in selfies and group shots taken in low light.

particulars and execution

A couple of complaints about the iPhone 14’s processor, which interestingly left behind its Genius sibling.

Notwithstanding, the A15 Bionic chip that drives the iPhone 14 keeps on being a ton more noteworthy and successful than the A14 Bionic chip of the iPhone 12. It is undoubtedly just a single innovation instead of two, but it is still an improvement.

Moreover, the A15 Bionic is apparent inside the iPhone 13 pro, not the base iPhone 13. This cycle includes an other GPU centre for an energizing graphical raise. The fresher chip is, in like manner, more extraordinary strength effective.

If pre-send-off spec spills are to be accepted, the iPhone 14 accompanies half more Smash than the iPhone 12. In addition, it’s 6GB vs 4GB, which should increment application exchanging, generally speaking, execution.

The iPhone 14 gives you better carport choices, with a higher access variant of 128GB instead of the iPhone 12’s 64GB. Past that, the iPhone 14 gives you 256GB and 512GB, even as the iPhone 12 tops out at 256GB.


You’ll see Apple discussing exact limits in no way, shape, or form, but we’ve heard tales that the iPhone 14 accompanies a 3,279 mAh battery. If accurate, that could be greater than the iPhone 12’s 2,815 mAh cell.

According to our detailed evaluation, moving between 4G and 5G networks depletes the battery pretty quickly, leaving it vacant after 16-18 hours of usage.

The iPhone 13 endurance becomes “quite worked on in contrast with the iPhone 12,” so given the equipment closeness with the iPhone 14; we’re expecting equivalent by and large execution this time round.


 Compared to the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 may be the most solid and bluntest update we’ve ever seen from Apple.

When you place it up to the two-year-old iPhone 12, the iPhone 14 is undoubtedly the better phone. They could look practically identical. However, the iPhone 14 is faster, has a more splendid showcase, and will be an impressively better digicam gadget. We’re sure the iPhone 14 gives much higher endurance than the iPhone 12.

Nonetheless, with expansion knocking the costs of the iPhone 14 in everything except the US and with the iPhone 12 staying around as an advanced elective for another yr at a diminishing RRP, it will be an enticing selection for people watching the pennies.

The iPhone 12 is an equivalent looking and overseeing cell phone to the iPhone 14, yet it can be had for loads significantly less. That is something to ponder on those more critical parsimonious occasions.

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